Rafting & Wild water
experience for young and old.

Experience the wildest waters in the Ötztal close-by!

Water and white water fans find everything their heart could possibly desire in the Ötztaler Ache river boasting white water tracks on Austria's most challenging mountain waters with difficulty levels up to 4+, plenty of demanding riffles and rapids, pour-over adventures and unavoidable rocks – an absolute must for all canoeing fans. 

On a rafting tour you experience the immense power of water close-by. Conquer the mighty waves with your boat, ride on them and fight against them with your paddle. Rafting ranks among the most memorable water highlights during a holiday in the Ötztal.

Book your unforgettable rafting or kayaking tour at the specialized "Kajak & Raftingschule Ötztal" offering an expert team of certified white water guides. 

Crystal clear mountain brooks, awe-inspiring waterfalls, caves, gorges, steep rock faces, climbing, sliding, jumping, swimming, abseiling, trust and team work – that's canyoning explained in only a few words!

Don't miss out on a thrilling canyoning tour in the Ötztal – it creates memories staying with you forever. Pure adventure for both body and mind awaits you. Book your guided tour at Ötztal's countless Canyoning Specialists

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